About Khareem Henderson

Have you ever felt like the same things you do every day in life are getting you NOWHERE?

Have you ever wished that being financially free, and taking ownership of your life would magically come true?

That was me before I met my mentors. Like many people I had no time and no money… I had NO hope of ever experiencing a lifestyle of freedom – doing what I want when I want, spending as much time with my family as I wanted, and being able to travel the world and experience the various amazing cultures of this Earth. Today those dreams are becoming my reality. And because I made one small choice, my life has radically changed! If you’re anything like me and want something more than a mediocre, 9am – 5pm, always broke with no free time life, read on…


One day at work I was struggling to figure out why a certain piece of electronic equipment wasn’t working. Of course the nature of technology these days is to stop working for no reason, right? Well just about when I was ready to throw in the towel (I had called everyone I knew and no one knew what to do) I came across a number of a guy who was supposedly the “guru” of fixing electronics. I gave it ONE last shot… I called this guy up and set up an appointment for the following morning to take my equipment in so he could fix it.

So the next day I bring my equipment in to the guy and we immediately dive in trying to figure out WHAT the problem could be. Eventually he uses his guru powers and wham, just like that everything was working fine! (All he did was switch out one part…)

So, impressed and RELIEVED I stood to the side waiting on him to finish updating some programs. Little did I know he had a plan in place… While I was sitting around waiting for him he decided to keep me entertained by putting on a video. The first thing that popped up was a black screen with white writing stating that the people featured in the video were not actors. I’m thinking in my mind “awesome this is probably like candid camera or some hilarious video”. Well the video was DEFINITELY awesome but something far from hilarious…

I watched people enjoying life, making money, and spending QUALITY time making memories with their families. I saw an enormous community of freedom, fun and fulfillment. Being in the lower ranks of the military, freedom, fun and fulfillment was something foreign to me. I didn’t quite feel fulfilled having to take out the trash all the time. I certainly didn’t feel free considering my schedule was dictated to the very minute. And seriously, what’s fun about mopping hallways every Friday afternoon before getting released from work?

So of course I was curious to know what exactly this video was all about. I mean these people seemed genuinely happy and stress free! After the video concluded, the electronics guru asked me a powerful question…

“So what’d you like best?”

I told him “everything”, I mean that’s a no-brainer. What’s there not to like about making money while you make memories? So he gave me a ticket to a seminar in Nashville that following weekend. I went, and I returned a different man.

You see during that seminar I thought I would be listening to a public speaker drone on and on about how he got rich and why it’s important to stay in school. NO!

During that seminar I was sucked into this crazy, electrifying community. These people were giving me high fives and praising me and I didn’t know any of them! I felt like I was part of some club or team or something. All I did was show up. When things finally settled down and the party music was shut off, two people ran up on stage and started pouring out their life experiences and personal stories. They spoke about what this community did for them and how it changed their lives forever.

“From Broke to rich. From No time, to ultimate time freedom.” Every word they spoke vibrated with such authenticity and passion. It was almost as if they were begging people to be free of this flawed society and join them in making their dreams come true. Why did these people care so much about everyone else?

Again a picture was painted for me…

  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Fulfillment

It clicked for me. When you’re free you experience joy and relief. And you want others to experience it with you. You want to spread the wealth. I learned that not only did these two speakers find financial freedom in this community, but several other people in the room had attained the same level of freedom as them. Apparently it was a “choice” to be rich. It was a choice to have an unlimited amount of time to spend with the people you love. It was a choice to be able to buy your family healthy food without worrying about having money for the next two weeks. It was a choice to be fulfilled, to be free, and to experience fun in anything you do.

I was sold. Not by the money, but by the lifestyle. These people were walking testimonies of what being a part of this community could do for anyone, including people like me. All I wanted was what everyone wants – the freedom to live life on my terms.

That very same day I locked arms with this community and my life has never been the same. The guru who took the time to share this big idea with me is one of my mentors today.

If you’re anything like me and want something more than just a mediocre, 9am – 5pm, always broke with no free time life, you should be here too…



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